Panipuri Making Machine

Panipuri Making Machine

Jackson Machine is design, fabricate and offer an extensive array of processing machines that is made using high quality raw materials and precision made parts. Which is widely applicable in the food industry, Jackson Pani Puri machines are known for their efficiency and cost effective rates.

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Model No. PPM 3 PPM 7 PPM 10 PPM 18 PPM 20
Production 3000 Pcs/Hrs 7000 Pcs/Hrs 10000 Pcs/Hrs 18000 Pcs/Hrs 20000 Pcs/Hrs
Ele. Motter(Single Phase) 0.5 HP 0.5 HP 1 HP Single Phase 1 HP with VFD 1 HP with VFD
Belt 1 Belt 1 Belt 2 Belt 3 Belt 3 Belt(1 return Westge Belt)
Machine size(L x H x W)(ft) 3.9 x 3 x 2 4.2 x 3 x 2 6 x 4 x 2.5 6.5 x 4 x 2.6 9.5 x 4 x 2.6
Weight(approx) 100 Kg. 110 Kg. 140 Kg. 185 Kg. 210 Kg.

Jackson Pani Puri machine have 4 coated roll, P.V.C food grade endless belt. There are many belts which has its own role such as cotton canvass belt which is use for transferring wastage of stainless steel hopper for recycling, on this mild steel fabricated angle stand the complete unit is mounted which will get covered with sheets of stainless steel sheets. It finalize it with one die roll with gear box and P.V.C. Dies, 1 H.P. A electric as per our standard supply.Application of Jackson Pani Puri Making Machine

Jackson Pani Puri Making Machine can also be used for the preparation of Farsi papad, raw chapatti, mathi puri, chat papadi, stick, Nachos, Farsi Puri, Sakkarpara, mathri, samosha puri, tortilla, and many more food items. Jackson Pani Puri machines can be suitable for many things such as Farsi Puri, stick, Raw chapatti, Mathi puri, Farshi Puri, Khichiya papad, Shakarpara, Papadi, mathri, Raw Khakhara, samosa (a triangular fried pastry containing spiced vegetables or meat.), puri, etc.

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